Animals Set to Mozart

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American Eagles Animal Prints Found @

Animal Animals Bird Birds American Eagles Eagle Prints Print
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Postmodernism Art Gallery, Artist David Bridburg

Eagles soar on cool winds under the bright Rocky Mountain sunlight. 

American Eagles, birds, animals, prints, Post Modern art is created taking very unique liberties with each of the subject matter. The Post Contemporary Collection houses eagle, bird, animal images for sale on different print substrates.

David Bridburg's American Eagle using the US flag's colors is a patriotic message. 

American Eagles Birds

Bird Birds Animal Animals American Eagles Eagle Print Prints
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Birds of prey, the American Bald Eagle is our national symbol. Eagles are making a large comeback on our continent. American Eagles have a great dignity. The bird pictured above has wings that embrace the night, as given by the artist. 

We now know, these animals are the direct descendants of dinosaurs. Today's animal is greatly refined as nature intended. This eagle comes as a Giclee print. The prints of other animals are also available. Postsmodernism Art Gallery housing this image has a broad exploration of fine art. 

Animals Foxes

Colorful Fox Foxes Animals Animal Prints
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Colorful Foxes

This sharp fox is on the prowl, foxes hunt and scavenge to survive. Animals in the wild need us to care about their habitat. Leaving room for their procreation and survival, this animal loves forest and grassland. 

The color in these fine art prints has been selected for the viewer's setting at home. Meaning people need artwork that stands out, but is set to tones they can enjoy. 

Red Dog Labrador Retriever Prints

Red Dog Dogs Animal Print Labrador Retriever
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Dog Dogs Labrador Retriever, Rottweilers, Rotties Animal Prints

This old red dog, he's a good boy. Dogs have big hearts. No other animal knows us as well. Dogs take our hearts with them. 

The Labrador Retriever along with the Golden Retriever are our favorite breeds. This fine art print takes liberties with fido. He is really a very patient old guy.


White Rottie Rotties Dog Dogs Animals Prints Rottweiler Rottweilers
Music Notes 33

Dogs bring us such joy. Rotties offer a good, strong, caring owner such rewards. The rottie is a great companion. He will talk to you, if only to grumble. Truly a wise arse, these animals have a big sense of humor. Yet the Rottweiler is forever loyal.

Rottweilers are a breed of dog onto themselves. Prints of this pup will make the viewers happy. 

Rotties as Dogs

Black Rottweiler Rottweilers Dog Dogs Animal Print
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Rottweilers are complex dogs, thankfully. Athletic, strong, confident, and smart, a rottie will do anything for his owner. But.....'what is in it for me" will come up often? The Rottweiler loves a good joke. This animal has an uncanny ability to squabble over things with his human being. Most of all rotties will protect the home. The dog is a homebody.

This print is the second of two prints featuring the Rottweiler.


Cats Cat Lions Lion Animals Prints
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Cat Cats Lions Tigers Bobcats Animals

Cats are cool. This cat seems to have a question. The lion is eyeball to eyeball with the viewer. The common house cat has the same repose. Lions are not common house cats, but overlords on the African Savanna. 

These animals as prints have character.


Cats Cat Tigers Tiger Animal Print
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This cat is saying something that all cats would say, if only they could. He is quietly looking at his dinner, and that might be you. Tigers are incredible hunting machines.

"Would you be a feast for a cat in need"?

The tiger stripes are a fantastic subject for minimalism. 


Bobcats Bobcat Cat Cats Animals Prints
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Bobcats are repopulating New England and beyond. The cats are sheer muscle. The beauty of the wild cat is undeniable. A bobcat stakes out a territory deep in the woods, but within our built up communities, we see them coming and going. 

The fine art concept used in this print is very rough and ready.