Match My Art in Your Home

I am adding a feature, WallApp, as a very simple interior design tool  to see my art in your living space. (WallApp is for desktop browsers only)

Easy to use
-In WallApp, first click "Reset Room" at the bottom of the app.
-Then click the "Drag Your Livingroom Photo Here" button to upload your room image. (does not work with a photo of the long view)

-In another tab open by clicking,
-Go to the image you like, select the canvas, paper, or other substrate, among the framing and matting options etc...
-Right click on the center of the image to select 'save image as..." and save.

-Go back to the first open tab with the WallApp with your loaded room on view.
-Now click the centered UPLOAD arrow to load my artwork from your saved files.
-Next using the corners of that upload, pull into size.
-Clicking on the center of the image, place the image to your liking.
(keep in mind, you will need to carefully select a size when purchasing).

Use the room reset and the image reset buttons to try different combinations.

After the first run through, I think you will more than get the hang of WallApp. Then various combinations of your interior spaces and my artwork are possible.