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Animals Set to Mozart

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Cats Cat Lions Lion Animals Prints
Music Notes 15

Cat Cats Lions Tigers Bobcats Animals

Cats are cool. This cat seems to have a question. The lion is eyeball to eyeball with the viewer. The common house cat has the same repose. Lions are not common house cats, but overlords on the African Savanna. 

These animals as prints have character.


Cats Cat Tigers Tiger Animal Print
Music Notes 25

This cat is saying something that all cats would say, if only they could. He is quietly looking at his dinner, and that might be you. Tigers are incredible hunting machines.

"Would you be a feast for a cat in need"?

The tiger stripes are a fantastic subject for minimalism. 


Bobcats Bobcat Cat Cats Animals Prints
Music Notes 39

Bobcats are repopulating New England and beyond. The cats are sheer muscle. The beauty of the wild cat is undeniable. A bobcat stakes out a territory deep in the woods, but within our built up communities, we see them coming and going. 

The fine art concept used in this print is very rough and ready.